The Tax Advantages of Homeownership

The Tax Advantages of Homeownership
Overview of Homeownership Benefits
Explore the broad range of tax advantages that come with owning a home, making it a financially savvy choice for many.

Primary Residence vs. Investment Property
Distinguish between tax benefits for your primary residence and those for investment properties, each with its set of deductions and rules.

Tax Savings through Homeownership
Mortgage Interest Deduction
Understanding Mortgage Interest
Learn about mortgage interest and how it can be a substantial deduction for homeowners.

Limits and Eligibility Criteria
Understand the limits and eligibility criteria for claiming mortgage interest deductions, ensuring you maximize your savings.

Deducting Mortgage Points
Explore the deduction of mortgage points, potentially lowering your overall mortgage costs.

Tax Savings through Homeownership
Property Tax Deduction
What Are Property Taxes?
Gain insight into property taxes and how they can be deductible for homeowners.

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